Cleaning Your Roof

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Making sure your roof is kept clean and free of all types of algae, moss and dirt is very important to the longevity of any roof. With the huge impact it can have on blocking up your guttering system and creating damp conditions on your roof that will eventually permeate and damage the underlay on your roof.

Depending on the style of your roof, you can choose from two types of washing. The soft wash and the hard wash. The soft wash is performed on tiles that might get damaged if the hard wash is used. The soft wash is where a soft brush along with running water is used. It is more time intensive and not as effective as a hard wash. However it will remove the dirt on your roof and this is what matters the most. Dublin roof cleaning is a vital component to any longevity for your roof.


The hard wash is the most effective way of cleaning your roof. Employing a jet wash or pressure wash, it will be used on the roof to thoroughly clean the tiles including the jointing. With both options, if you have a roof that is covered with moss or algae, we would recommend using a bio deterrent to kill off the moss or algae before you do any hard or soft washing.

Another great option on a roof once it is clean is to use a tile paint. With tile painting, you can opt to make your roof any colour although we would recommend the standard slate, black or terracotta look. The added benefit to using a tiling paint is the sealing it will provide on the roof. It will help to protect the original tiles and keep off further algae and moss for a while longer.

As long as your roof is kept clean, no dirt will flow into the gutters. If a guttering system is blocked, it will caused degradation and water to become stagnant. The added weight can cause gutters to come loose and worse, water can start to seep into your timber framing. Avoid it all by doing a maintenance on your roof once a year.