Patio Installation Ideas

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When it comes to your garden or patio area the choices you make can make any area really stand out. With multiple options ranging from standard concrete patio areas to flagstone patios, block paved patio areas and of course natural stone patios. We will highlight some of the ideas here so you can choose a patio or garden area installation that suits you.


Patio paving is a patio built using block paving. Block paving is a manufactured concrete product that is available in a variety of styles. From standard block paving which is laid in a pattern to a Tegula style paving which shows more as a cobble stone effect. This is laid in a staggered offset pattern which can be laid horizontally or vertically. With either of these styles of patio paving, you can blend them with other surfaces, create pathways, lawn paths or seating areas comfortably. Any skilled paving contractor in Dublin can install this to a high standard and ensure it has a long durable lifespan.


Flagstones are slabs that are manufactured. They can come smooth or textured. Riven or plain. Available generally in a square or rectangular shape, they are laid either offset so you dont line up the jointing or side by side which means your jointing has to be very accurate otherwise it will not look correct. You can lay slabs on mortar or sand. We recommend using mortar as it will grab the flagstones better and ensure a long lifespan.


Natural stone slabbing is exactly as the name says. Created by nature and is available as granite, Indian sandstone, Egyptian sandstone, marble, slate and more. It is without a doubt the best patio product you can use. It will hold its colour indefinitely and will not crack or wear the same as any other type of manufactured concrete. However the price for such a flagstone can be significantly higher. It comes down to the overall effect you are looking for and how long you want your garden or patio area to last. With natural stone and a proper patio contractor in Dublin, you are guaranteed to have a patio area that will last for decades.